Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Blog Post 8

Resilient Kids

Investing time in teaching students mindfulness techniques might cost you some class time but as a teacher said you get that time back tenfold. This is a worthwhile investment in my eyes. Not all education has to be academic sometimes you need to develop skills and techniques to deal with everyday life situations like stress and people.  

By teaching kids skills to improve their state of mindfulness these students are able to participate more within their classroom. Where problems of behavior would limit their time from classroom learning these students are able to minimize that time. This is a big deal because discipline issues are one of the reasons kids are not able to learn and cuts time from teachers being able to teach.

Once students learn these mindfulness techniques they don’t just use it once and forget. They own it, and often times end teaching other people they know. This is incredible as students learn and develop these complex skills they are also learning to be teachers and leaders within their communities.


  1. I like how you worded it when you said that they students don't just forget the techniques they own it and teach other students. I believe this too and that the students who use these techniques benefit greatly and understand the importance of it and teach others and in turn they become leaders.

  2. I love that you think teaching mindfulness is worthwhile. I thought when reading your blog that how can you learn successfully when you are not in the right mindset. Sometimes we need to stop the learning process to find our relaxation so we can successfully learn.

  3. They keep the tools that they have learned for life!! And now they can spread those tools to others!!! Love this blog!

  4. Hey Gus, I think it is so important in teaching students mindfulness techniques even if it might cost some class time! So important to their education!!

    Take care, Megan

  5. Teaching students how to be mindful will take classroom time but like you said, they will get that time back tenfold!!

  6. Hi Gus,
    I agree that education is not always about the same thing, that there is more to it.